Working the Abs. Tension, a gut feel.

My mind and body aren’t always connected. There have been a few girls over the years that I knew were bad news, and still felt the spark of chemistry, the rev of pulse that said my body had a different view.

So aside from making my wife irritated if she ever reads this, what’s my point? How does it apply to writing?

You can try to weave in tension and conflict in a cold deliberate fashion, and it’s a good thing to try, to give your plot some room to strike sparks. But another thing, that I realized in my last manuscript, is that sometimes you can feel good tension in your gut. As the writer, you are the first reader. Sometimes you can feel the physical tightening of your abs, the stir in your gut, that says your body is reacting to the conflict you’re putting on the paper.

And that’s a good thing.

If only it did really exercise my abs…

And maybe my next manuscript should have a bad girl or two. Don’t tell my wife. 😉


I’m still dabbling with short stories and the big picture plot of Broken Detective (title to be changed). Letting it brew, mucking around in Scrivener, and generally letting some motivation and excitement pool again, to get me to the finish line on that project. Plus, the kids and Christmas. Very exciting for the little Hooligans.

Have a great holidays!


This image is a full view of the ‘Angels and Devil’ piece that I’ve shown fragments of so far. I’ve got a couple of umbrella lights in my basement now, so that I can do a bit better photography for my art. There is still a fraction of a glare in this image, that I may remove in later efforts, by use of a filter that just arrived in the mail, but we’re getting there slowly. Presents, presents. 🙂




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