Shaking things up

So what have I been up to?

For those who were following the series of writing technique comments I’ve been making over the last couple of years, as I wrote StoneDragon, you may have noticed the pace of updates has slowed. I think that I’m hitting a new phase and want to shift tempo and focus a bit here. I’m nearly done a second novel, the working title of which is now the First Facet of Magic, a YA fantasy. This is another multi-year project that I’m finally close to feeling is ready for people to see. It’s fast-paced and a completely new magic system, so I’m hoping people like it.

So what is changing?

The biggest shift is that I’m going to mix art and writing thoughts on the website now and be less regular in my posting. Sorry for those that enjoy a steady pace of posts, but at the moment, that doesn’t work with my available time and energy. I think instead, I will post when I have something cool to share and there may be periods of inactivity. Not from me, but simply on the content (whether I’m busy with something I can’t share or other parts of my life suck me away for some period). I think that this may refresh my creative energy, as posting will be less a task and more a way to share cool things when they happen.

So I think there’s some good news for folks: I may produce more art at times, which I feel like people like on the site. But content will be more sporadic and likely arrive in waves. So enjoy it when it comes!

🙂 Adrian.

Because I promised dragons…

Here is the little dragon I was working on. I was thinking of doing a few dragon paintings as more regular site icons, with text added, although there is some balance between more polished pieces and the time taken and freshness of the site artwork. Oh well, I’ll figure it out. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy the image…

Sometimes you want to listen to the ancient snake charmer with twenty cobras and an enigmatic smile…

…and sometimes you want to listen to the beardless assistant with a  single sickly-looking snake and lots of bandages on his arms…

I do have a craft post coming (already written, but I was hoping to do a small graphic which has delayed things), but I had an interesting experience today, which ended up being indirectly motivating to my efforts on this site, even though it was somewhat humbling.

The trigger was a critique on my current WIP (‘work in progress’), that was insightful, helpful, and impeccably courteous, but (inevitably for a useful critique) humbling too. It made me realize that my work wasn’t perfect (I know, shocking huh?) and there are areas of technique where I still haven’t reached my full potential.

This had two immediate impacts. First, I revised the timeline on my WIP, adding another six months to its finish date. Oddly, this was depressing, but slightly liberating, as I’d been pushing for a year-end submission, which was looking more and more unlikely, even before this critique. At least now, I know there’s no hope of meeting that deadline So there’s less pressure to grind it out over the holidays. I can enjoy my family time a bit more.

The second impact was that I immediately started researching resources in the area of craft that I wanted to improve on (POV and internalization, as it happens) and I came to an interesting realization. Some of the best material on the topic, giving insight and direction, came not from pros, who were likely too busy writing or publishing themselves, but advanced beginners like me, often a little before their first published book, or just after, running a blog and hitting the same roadblocks and revelations. I found one post that I could have written myself, today, from another author on the same topic.

Which isn’t to say that I didn’t buy a couple of published books on the topic as well. I did, just to keep my facts straight. But I still realized that I could gain a lot from following people like me. Not rank beginners, but not rarified atmosphere pros either. So I deleted one of my publishing blogs on my Feedly (a blog aggregator, for those not familiar) and signed up instead to a couple of blogs written by advanced beginners instead. I’m not following only beginners. And I’m not following only pros. I’m finding some balance in between.

So why is that motivating for this site? Because my first reaction, on realizing I had shortfalls (again, shocking, I know), was to question what value there was to me sharing my knowledge through a blog. Who would come to this site rather than read top-rated publishing how-to books?

And then I realized it was me. People like me. Learning and growing. Trying to knock the wicker basket off the snakes without their wrists getting turned into mincemeat.

People who might be smart enough to listen to the guy with no beard and bandages before stretching out their hand…


(PS, the featured image is new art done for today’s post. At roughly an hour’s work, it’s not that polished by my standards. But it might be useful to have this kind of rough image available for impromptu posts. We’ll see how I like it after some due consideration!)

Here Be Dragons… the Beginning.

This is the first post of what I expect to be a long-running, but not necessarily frequent blog (my targeted minimum frequency is monthly), on fantasy writing, both for enjoyment and craft. I have been writing for a couple of years, have loved fantasy writing my whole life, and think that I have something to offer both readers of fantasy (ie. my forthcoming books, which shouldn’t be in the far future) and writers of fantasy, in discussion of craft. Better technique can only make us better writers.

And I’m sure there’ll be some randomness along the way.

Any artwork on the site is mine, and copyright (feel free to link to it), but this blog will be more about writing craft than creating fantasy art. But hopefully the art will provide some enjoyment as well, maybe draws some more attention to the site, and will come in handy to the extent that I self publish–something I already have in mind for an older completed manuscript that didn’t catch agent attention, but that I still like the bones of. So you may see some fantasy cover artwork, and possibly the process thereof.

I also have another manuscript in final stages of editing, that will reach for the golden ring of traditional publishing.  So we may chatter about that on and off, although I am not expecting to necessarily share the gritty details of the agent search, when I embark on it.

So welcome to the site, pull up a seat, and add to the discussion (politely, of course, please). I look forward to meeting you.