Adrian has been writing, and learning the writing craft, for a number obio photo croppedf years, has loved fantasy writing and artwork his whole life, and hopes that this blog will offer insight into various creative techniques and thoughts, usually oriented towards fantasy writing, as well as Adrian’s creative journey in general.

Adrian has a full time ‘Mathy’ job, a Lovely Wife, and two Hooligan boys. As a result, he doesn’t often have a lot of spare time, but what exists, he spends writing and illustrating fantasy pieces, and occasionally writing posts for this website. He has at times been a member of SCBWI and OWW (the online writing workshop for fantasy, science fiction, and horror). He earned an animation degree many many moons ago and expanded his artistic mediums and techniques since that time.

All content on the website, especially the artwork, is copyright, but feel free to link to it. The frequency of posts may well be low (see lack of free time above).

If any of this sounds up your alley, feel free to poke around. For more information or to join his occasional newsletter (with super cool snippets of content), contact Adrian below:

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