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Please see below for various works that Adrian has created or been part of…

Black Diamonds

Julian Krane has trusted his genius older brother, Devlin, his entire life. But that trust will be tested when their mother is killed by a steel-twisting assassin, the brothers are hunted by a paranoid Emperor, and Devlin comes up with a daring plan of revenge. To succeed, they must infiltrate the Emperor’s deadly school of magic, buried deep in a mountain, steal the secrets of all Four Facets of magic, a crime punishable by death, and so turn themselves into something not seen in centuries—Black Diamonds.



A deadly time-shifting city draws warriors from past and future—and isn’t ready to go quietly into the night…

For the past decade, ex-gunslinger Clay Halloway has survived as a soldier-for-hire in StoneDragon, a time-shifting city where warlords from the past and future battle for power. Where monsters exist and technology doesn’t. Clay wants to leave his life of violence and obsession behind and open StoneDragon’s first detective agency. Unfortunately, his very first client will neglect to mention a couple of important details–like that powerful and angry Earth gods are hunting her and are willing to tear StoneDragon apart stone by stone to get her back. The only thing in their way is one unsuspecting cowboy…


An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

(an anthology by Mocha Press).

Time’s Running Out, Watson‘ is a story about a sinister device that manipulates time itself and the famous duo’s battle against its wielder.

Sherlock anthology cover

This is a late 2015 fantasy-based Sherlock Holmes anthology that accepted my story (first paid acceptance). I enjoyed the rest of the book as well; it’s a good mix of styles and takes, all well-written (‘he said modestly’). 🙂


Hope you enjoy!


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