Once in a blue moon, I feel like doodling cartoons, whether on writing or other topics. I’ve collected them here for ongoing amusement. 🙂


Drawn the evening that my car got stolen. You can guess who I was imagining myself to be:

Barbarian at the Car Window


Generally an ongoing view of the writing profession:

Shark Tank


And a take (not excepting myself) of what most writers are like when they ask for people for feedback on their work:

elephants in the room


And the sad truth that mastering one piece of writing technique rarely means that you’re able to write a publishable book. In fact, I suspect that no-one ever completely masters writing. Ever.

Mottled Beast


A funny take on what writers do their characters (if the writer is any good). And a nod to Jim Butcher’s mastery of this technique…

throwing stones 1000



I do like drawing dragons. This sketch was on those days when you know you want conflict, but the conflict just won’t cooperate….

Writing Tip and Dragon


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