Swimming in the Shark Tank



Hardly needs to be said, but this cartoon is tongue in cheek, obviously. 🙂

Other things that I considered as captions:

“I know I haven’t spent much time with you over the last year or so, Darling, but it was very nice of you to leave out my chum-flavoured underpants”

“According to Mr. Howey, the riches will now flow in.” (Please, no disrespect meant for Hugh at all, he’s great, I just thought it would be funny).

“Don’t worry so much. I typed it in Courier New, cut the adverbs, and complimented the agent on her new toe nail polish. What could possibly go wrong?”

Hee hee.


The image is ink and black Prismacolor. Part of the image is a bit yellow and grainy, just from photographing it at night. I’ve really got to get a few good lights in the basement for photographing artwork. Oh well. Added to the To Do list! 🙂

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