My Spherical Pink Mass has an Uzi (or when the Creative Mind rebels)

Bit of a disturbing image, sorry. But a fun cartoon. But when the going gets repetitive, my mind starts going… well, anywhere but the grinding routine it should be doing.

My best whimsically funny writing comes after a day of being incredibly organized and single minded at work. My hottest flashes of plot innovation come while robotically brushing my teeth or walking the dog. And flashes of incredibly compelling story ideas bubble up and call to me when I’ve committed myself to editing.

Um, like now.*  🙂

Edit, edit, edit. God, I’m bored with it. Fun and shiny ideas call to me! Grrr.

My chubby pink warrior will do anything to not grind out one more revision. Even draw himself armed to the proverbial and missing teeth. He he.

Unfortunately, the fun’s now up. Post’s done. Back to editing, big guy! 🙂


Still working on polishing Black Diamonds, for the record. Be so nice when it’s done and I can move on to editing something else. 🙂 Or creating. Oh yes, or creating.

This image was done with a new set of Prismacolors that I bought myself out of nostalgia for looking at all my old teenage pictures. Of course, actually using them reminded me that you can get pretty rusty not using a certain media for twenty years or so. 😉


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