Barbarians at the (Car) Window…

The image here is what I wish had happened a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, the thieves didn’t steal a barbarian’s car, they stole mine. Grrr.

As quick background, it was a rough week generally. I was sick as a dog, but still forced to spend hours a night chipping at ice beside our house–occasionally with an axe and a flashlight, which must have made my neighbours feel very reassured. 🙂 –to keep the melting ice from the field behind us from pouring into our basement. The freaky ice storm had filled the ditch that was supposed to protect that from happening with solid ice. What a winter.

Anyway, I came home from an exhausting day at work on the subway, looked for my car in the parking lot and… didn’t find it. So I had to walk in the rain, coughing, to pick up my son from his school on time, and call my wife to gather us up. And life has been filled since then with fighting this cold, struggling with the related exhaustion and all the minor tasks that come with replacing a car. While still battling the melting ice, although I think maybe I’ve started to make a dent in that battle. No pun intended.

All minor things in the great tilting field that is life, I know. But it felt good to jot down this cartoon and imagine a barbarian chasing those dratted thieves down the road, wishing they’d picked a different career choice. 🙂

If only…

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