Going… Going… Mine!

I was planning on  a writing craft post next, but I couldn’t resist publicly chortling my triumph at winning a Janice Hardy critique in an auction last night, on author Kat Brauer’s worthy Crits for Water fundraising effort. I’m excited; Janice Hardy’s Other Side of the Story is a blog I follow and enjoy considerably, and she’s one smart cookie (unless she hates my book, of course, har har). So a good cause and a great outcome. I suspect I’ll use the critique for my manuscript that is more fully polished and close to submission. The first three chapters are crucial and I’m sure Janice will have a great eye for any flaws that I may have missed. Hopefully minor, but if not, still better to know than not, before it’s sent out into the world!

The icon/ image here is an old one, and admittedly not that appropriate for the post content, sorry. I was hoping to get some new art for my icons (which won’t be original every time, but  hopefully have enough variety to satisfy any desire for eye candy). Hopefully still enjoyable, though, and we’ll try to get some of the art/ content kinks ironed out as we go–and I get some new art off that dusty old art table in my basement.

I’m going to check my email now to see if my congratualatory email has arrived (along with a request for payment, I suspect!) Best,


Here Be Dragons… the Beginning.

This is the first post of what I expect to be a long-running, but not necessarily frequent blog (my targeted minimum frequency is monthly), on fantasy writing, both for enjoyment and craft. I have been writing for a couple of years, have loved fantasy writing my whole life, and think that I have something to offer both readers of fantasy (ie. my forthcoming books, which shouldn’t be in the far future) and writers of fantasy, in discussion of craft. Better technique can only make us better writers.

And I’m sure there’ll be some randomness along the way.

Any artwork on the site is mine, and copyright (feel free to link to it), but this blog will be more about writing craft than creating fantasy art. But hopefully the art will provide some enjoyment as well, maybe draws some more attention to the site, and will come in handy to the extent that I self publish–something I already have in mind for an older completed manuscript that didn’t catch agent attention, but that I still like the bones of. So you may see some fantasy cover artwork, and possibly the process thereof.

I also have another manuscript in final stages of editing, that will reach for the golden ring of traditional publishing.  So we may chatter about that on and off, although I am not expecting to necessarily share the gritty details of the agent search, when I embark on it.

So welcome to the site, pull up a seat, and add to the discussion (politely, of course, please). I look forward to meeting you.